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Quantum Americas replaces old damaged

tile floor at Nestle's Dairy  processing





100% Customer Staisfaction

Services that we provide 

  • Food Processing Seamless Floors Manufacturer & Installer;

  • Single Source Warranty - Material + Labor;

  • Floor Onsite Surveys and Design;

  • One-stop-shop Solution  - Concrete pouring monitoring, Curbs, and Drains


Seamless Hygienic Flooring

Manufacturer & Installer

Quantum Americas is a premier manufacturer and installer of high performance Seamless Polymer Floor and Lining systems exclusively for the Global Food & Beverage industry. Quantum’s unique and proprietary Floor and Lining German technology formulations and manufacturing processes; expert installation; and dedication to 100% customer satisfaction are the cornerstones of our success. 

Wear Resistance test  on Quantum Flooring BAST - Germany 



Survey & Design

No one makes it easier to select, specify and install high performance floors in the Food and Beverage Industry than Quantum. Our highly experienced Account Managers will survey your facility, understand your operation, as well as the future needs in your next project. They will then help you on every step for determining the right specs and standards for your new floors, for every area. Our Regional Project managers and installation crews work alongside your team to manage every detail of your project. 


Monitoring and Testing

Food industries require a high quality finish to their concrete slabs, meeting the precise specifications of flatness and levelness to ensure there is no puddling water and the safe movement of forklifts, carts and equipment. Quantum utilizes the latest instruments to provide a fast and accurate floor measurement that complies with American Concrete Institute (ACI), Canadian Standards Association (CSA), and American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) standards.

Test Reading          FF - Floor Flatness FL - Floor Levelness

ASTM E1155 - 14


Stainless Steel Drain Installation and monitoring



Stainless Steel Drains

Quantum Americas distributes and installs world leading ATT stainless steel hygienic drains for the Food and Beverage Industry. Our commitment to excellence assures our customers the best products, and decades of experience to tailor innovative projects and guaranteed installation. Our solutions reflect our customers’ needs. Each phase of the order completion – from design, trough installation is supervised and consulted with you by our specialists, making sure the final result is according to your plans.

Hygienic FRP

Prefabricated Curbs

Quantum hygienic curbs are made to last and easy to sanitize. Significantly superior than traditional concrete curbs coated with Cementitious urethane overlays, our pre fabricated modular FRP systems chemically welded together forming a seamless integration between floors and wallls. There simply is no comparison to the strength, durability and high performance of the Quantum Hygienic FRP curbs food processing environments.

Prefabricated FRP Curb installation




of your Partners

As one of the worlds leading Seamless Flooring manufacturer and installer, Quantum offers Food Processors, GC's, Design-build and Engineering firms a 360° service at every stage of a new or retrofit Flooring Project.

We can assist at any stage from the early building design or during construction process by providing at one stop a complete solution for all your Food Processing Flooring environments.

The Quantum Difference

Over 1,000,000 Sqft / year installed globaly

for the most demanding Clients, and

the most Complex Floor projects


Over the past three decades Quantum has evolved into a world class market leader of high performance floor and lining systems, specifically for the global Food & Beverage industry.

All of our project managers and installation crews have decades of experience in the installation and maintenance of countless Floor and Lining projects with the most demanding clients and high performance standards. 

Our reputation has been built on these decades of experience and our total commitment to the total success of each project for each client. 

100% Repetitive Buyers



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