QUANTUM Hygienic Floors

Quantum Floor Systems is a premier manufacturer and distributor of high performance polymer floor and lining systems. Quantum’s unique and proprietary floor and lining formulations and manufacturing processes; installation expertise; and dedication to 100% customer satisfaction are the cornerstones of our success. 

We take great pride in our 30 plus years of success in the Floor and Lining business and the long-term relationships we have established with our clients from around the world.  This rich history and legacy of excellence is our foundation. 

We are committed to continuing this legacy with the highest quality, strength, and durability of our products; our unwavering commitment to excellence in customer care; and our dynamic and dedicated Quantum Team.

Our Quantum team is the heart of our business.  They share a common set of values, ethics, and commitment based on trust and integrity.  They bring decades of experience and 100% dedication and commitment to our customers and our company every day.

Every design and project with our exclusive Quantum Ultra Floor and Lining systems is a success case.  These 100% Reactive Resin systems based on high performance Polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) technology provide maximum strength and durability, ultra-fast cure times, and are the most durable and long-lasting systems in the harshest abusive and relentless activity.

There is a reason why 100% of our customers are repeat buyers.  From our products, processes, and people, to meet your unique and most challenging Floor and Lining needs, Quantum Floor Systems has you covered.

Compare and experience the Quantum difference .


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