Shield It Hygienic Panels

Shield It Systems is a family business based out of Wisconsin USA for the last 50 yrs.  Originally started in the commercial construction industry, Shield It Systems specializes in cold storage and food processing plants.  This lifetime of experience has enabled us to understand the importance of quality in all aspects of construction, while keeping the high standards required to build state-of-the-art hygienic environments. We pride ourselves on keeping ahead of safe building codes and always looking for ways to improve the quality of our construction.

Why manufacture?

What does construction of food plants have to do with the manufacturing of curbs, doors and bollards? In our quest for excellence in construction we began to look outside the box for products to improve the construction of food plants while maintaining a hygienic environment for our clients. We found products that save time and money while providing superior quality. We incorporated these specialized materials into our food plant construction and developed a cutting edge system, never before seen in the USA. As the demand for these products increased, so did the need for manufacturing here in the US.

Thus we saw the need for a completely seamless construction method, and we researched and developed products that were missing or could save time and money and developed them into a product line that we could manufacture here. We see the need for all food plants to be built to the same high standards and with these types of products for the benefit of all involved and most of all the consumer. We feel that safe food and storage of that food starts with each component of the building and ends with safe food on the tables of our customers and consumers.


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